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Calling All Green Changemakers!

Ashoka Global


Calling All Green Changemakers!

Ashoka and HSBC's Green Changemakers Challenge offers amazing opportunities for social innovators.

Ashoka Global

Climate change and our relationship with the planet is the defining issue of our time. Our climate has changed and continues to change. This interconnects with other crises such as biodiversity loss, ocean acidification and soil degradation. The ripple effects are complex and catastrophic. Climate change isn’t an abstract problem that will only impact future generations or people far away; climate change is happening now and even if its impacts are currently uneven, all of us are being affected already.

We are living in a critical moment, one that will determine the quality of life, and perhaps the very existence of future generations. We have a huge opportunity, and an equally large responsibility to transform our society so that we avert the worst of the climate crisis.

To truly create change, we need more than individual solution-builders – we need green changemakers who are catalyzing those around them to also take action; we need solutions that are activating others and creating a role for everyone to contribute as problem-solvers.

Ashoka and HSBC are collaborating for the third year, to launch the Green Changemakers Challenge. This global innovation Challenge is open to changemakers with solutions that are equipping others with the mindset and capabilities to contribute towards building a sustainable and equitable world.

We are particularly interested in innovators who are:  

Creating inclusive pathways for people to contribute: We’re seeking solutions that are bringing more people into the climate conversation, especially those who have historically been excluded. These solutions are equitable by design and increase diversity in the global community working on climate change. 

  • Turning data and information into stories that spark action: We’re seeking solutions that are making climate data and knowledge more accessible, and those that are telling inspiring stories to mobilize others to action. 
  • Creating structures of support for existing solutions: We’re seeking solutions that are built to support other solutions – by enabling the creation of new solutions; scaling existing solutions or making them more visible; and prioritizing the traditional knowledge of those communities who have always preserved our natural resources. 

Only early – or mid- stage – venture will be eligible for selection in this challenge. Late-stage ventures (over 6 years of operations and/or profitability) will not be eligible. 

What can applicants gain from this opportunity?   

The Challenge will award innovators with up to $25,000 of grant funding from a total prize fund of $225,000, and the opportunity to participate in a learning journey alongside HSBC and Ashoka team members.  

 Applications are open until April 26th, with an opportunity for a smaller prize and early feedback for those who apply by March 29th. The winners of this challenge will be announced in August 2023.  

Learn more and apply today!

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